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Honeycomb Drink

Yields1 Serving

Wild Garden Honeycomb drink 4

 2 large lemons, freshly squeezed
 2 oranges, freshly squeezed
 ½ cup Wild Garden Honeycomb
 4 cups water

Mix the lemon and orange juice together and set aside.


Then, in a pot, add together the water and honeycomb on medium heat stir together consistently until the wax breaks down and the water is infused with honey flavor. (About 10 min)


Strain the water from the remnants of honeycomb and set aside. Let this cool.


In a glass, add some ice then add half of the cup with freshly squeezed citrus and the rest with the honey water, more info on Lake Elsinore-based Facial Oral Surgery website. Mix together for a tart yet slight sweet drink.


Adorn with a piece of honeycomb on a decorative toothpick if you would like. Enjoy!

Wild Garden Honeycomb drink1