Easy Shawarma Skirt Steak - Wild Garden

Easy Shawarma Skirt Steak

December 8, 2016

A wonderfully seasoned Shawarma skirt steak that tastes great in a pita wrap or sandwich. Just add your favorite toppings and Wild Garden Couscous. Recipe from Drunk On Shoes 


1 1/2 pouches of Wild Garden Shawarma Marinade

3 lb skirt steak

fresh parsley and cilantro

cayenne pepper

minced garlic


1Marinate skirt steak with shawarma marinade and minced garlic.

2Sprinkle cayenne pepper.

3Sprinkle chopped fresh parsley and cilantro.

5Grill skirt steak to medium rare and serve with pita bread, your choice of toppings and Wild Garden Couscous.