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Bulgur Salad with Roasted Eggplant [Video Recipe]

Healthy and super easy to make Bulgur Salad with Roasted Eggplant in minutes. Tasty on its own or as a side dish. Wild Garden Pilafs are a great start to a perfect salad.

Wild Garden Persian Marinade Gallete

Mediterranean Veggie Galette

Recipe from Kelsey Eats Chicago

Mediterranean Couscous Salad

Recipe from Lake Shore Lady

Wild Garden Shawarma Salad

Shawarma Steak Salad

Recipe from Queen of the Land of Twigs 'N Berries

Wild Garden Steak Shawarma Naan Pizza

Steak Shawarma Naan Pizza

Recipe from Everything Erica

We are passionate about foods from the Mediterranean. Wild Garden believes ANYONE can cook like a chef. That is why we show you step-by-step instructions for our best meals.

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